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Property Tax Appeals

Property Tax Appeals in Connecticut

The attorneys at Cicchetti, Tansley & McGrath LLP have more than 100 years of combined experience in bringing property tax appeals and successfully reducing tax assessments on behalf of their clients. The attorneys have successfully challenged hundreds of tax assessments on behalf of individuals, businesses and investors. They understand the factors used to determine the valuation of real property and have extensive knowledge of the legal process involved in challenging tax assessments. Our attorneys are available to handle your industrial, commercial and residential property tax appeals and challenge any tax assessment which is unfair, excessive, or inaccurate.

Tax appeals in Connecticut are governed by Connecticut General Statutes §12-117a. The process of bringing a tax appeal to challenge an assessment is complicated and involves time limits and deadlines by which appeals must be presented. If timelines are not met, your appeal may be lost or dismissed without further recourse. For this reason, it is important that you obtain competent tax appeal counsel early on to review your assessment and advise you of your rights. Our attorneys are available to assist with informal meetings with tax assessors, to make application and appear before local municipal Boards of Assessment Appeals and to appeal any decision to Superior Court.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in working with local, regional and national real estate appraisers and providers of valuation services. Because real property assessments are often at odds with the true and accurate value of the property, the attorneys work closely with clients and expert appraisers to analyze each assessment to determine its fairness and accuracy. When an assessment is unfair, unjust, inaccurate, too high, or arrived at by mistake, the attorneys at Cicchetti, Tansley & McGrath LLP are willing and available to fight for your rights, challenge the assessment and bring your matter to Court if necessary.

At every stage of your appeal, the attorneys provide sound and cost-effective guidance as to how to reduce your assessment without incurring unnecessary fees. The attorneys work with clients to determine an appropriate fee structure based upon the client’s circumstances. Often, they can tailor an engagement in such a way that the client pays little or no fee unless the assessment is reduced.

A fair assessment of real property is vital to the operation of businesses in Connecticut. If you believe that your municipal real property tax assessment is too high, then contact one of the attorneys at Cicchetti, Tansley & McGrath LLP too see if they can help.

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